What is “Going Green?”

You hear people talk all the time about how you have to be thinking about the health and well being of the earth. People think all the time about what they need to do to keep the earth in the best shape possible for future generations. Within that they often use the term “going green.” This seems like a fun idea and while many people embrace the spirit of the idea as a generality, they don’t often embrace the idea itself and really take the time out to get it right the first time. So here is a little overview on what it means to be green.

Green is not a color or a general way of life, it’s about taking your environment and putting it before yourself for as much as you can. It’s understanding that while you might want to build your wall around the things that you can do to save the environment, but not everyone around you is willing or able to do the same thing. You must understand that there are an enormous amount of people out there who do not share the passion that you share.

In order to save the environment you must think about it from what matters most. That doesn’t mean just not using things that kill the natural resources or that pollute the air, but rather that you must do things that promote change and promote better health and well being for the world. Sometimes that takes a little bit of research but once you get there you can certainly begin to make a difference.

So the first thing to do is to take a look at your daily life and see the kind of harm you do to the environment just by existing and going through your day to day operations. Once you figure out how your day normally is you can begin to think about the proper way to fix it. Then you will be really giving back.

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