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Saving The Planet

As we move forward the threat of global warming looms. You have seen the stats by now, and you have heard compelling arguments on both sides of the equation. The truth is that the camps are very divided on how much the global warming is really effecting the economy. That’s why if you are one of the people who believes that there is global warming then it is time for your to start making significant changes to your home in order to support the movement for a greener America.

Start by shopping at the local farmers market. This feeds into a larger need to help the farmers of America. You can also do something small so that at the end of the night you just have to shut down your computer properly.

Some of the electric companies has something called Green Power. This is an energy efficient plan. If you go ahead and give your insurance company a call you might found out that can get the green plan. Speaking of calling companies. You might be receiving paper bills in the mail. This is a true waste of money. Don’t worry about being the guy who gets everything at your place. Just go online and you can get auto bill pay. It’s easy and the paperless statement help with the cutting down of free and saving the resources that we use when we send out a bill.

So don’t look at this as a way to save the environment but a start for a better life for you. Saving the environment will not only take you down in your monthly expenses, but it will help you to get the most out of your planet down the road.

Slacktivism: Save the Planet With Kars4Kids & Others

Want to do good deeds for the planet but aren’t interested in doing a lot of work to make it happen? You’re not alone. In fact, there is an entire movement dedicated to the good of the planet that is made up of people just like you. Who knew that we would one day reach a point where even slackers could become powerful activists for the good of the planet?

Saving the planet though might take a little bit of work. It is an enormous task, after all. By comparison, the small deeds that you’ll need to do to help out seem rather pale and insignificant. Truth be told though, they matter a lot to the people you are helping out as well as to the planet.

Slacktivism in Action

One of the greatest things you can do for your slacktivism service or sacrifice is to help someone clean. Whether you are helping yourself, your neighbor, your favorite community organization, or even your church, the fact that you are helping clean is a great first step.

But, if you really want to make this work for the betterment of the planet you’re going to need to organize methods to either donate, recycle, or reuse as many of the items you’re cleaning as possible. Your organizational skills can go a long towards helping others in your community as well as communities far away.

Coordinate with groups that will help remove the items no longer wanted or needed by the person you’re cleaning for. There are many organizations like Goodwill, Kars4kids, and many others that will come and pick up the items being donated while also helping with all the forms that are needed to ensure the right person is able to receive tax breaks for the items that were donated.

Think about any kind of clothing, old cars, gaming laptops, dressers, school supplies… everything can be recycled.

When you’re the one coordinating all of this, you’re not only helping the person you’re cleaning for, your community as a whole, or the organization that you are donating the items to but also families in communities far away that will reap the rewards of your efforts. You don’t even need to leave your neighborhood to do all these good works either.

Benefiting the Planet

But how does the planet benefit from your slacktivism at times like this? For every item that is kept out of the landfill and used to create new jobs, new items, or even to be reused by new families, there is one less item of that size and bulk occupying real estate in a landfill. It is one less item that is being returned to the earth long before its time.


Can you imagine what a difference it would make for the sake of the world if every family was able to save one item each month from a landfill and share, give, or exchange it with another family instead? The best activism doesn’t start with drastic efforts done by one, but little bitty baby steps that are made by many. Slacktivism is an excellent example of that in action, or inaction as the case may be.

Your Environment Affects Your Well-Being

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

People are often as happy as they decide to be, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t important factors that affect that. In other words, it can be much more difficult to be happy in certain circumstances. Environment can be one of those factors, because a clean, healthy environment is very important in order to make people happy and keep them from battling problems like depression. If you’re not pleased with your environment, it may be time to make a change. If your environment is very bad and you can move away from it and get a fresh start somewhere new, that would be the best choice. For a lot of people, though, that’s not possible.

Instead, they have to remain where they are and make due as much as possible with what they have. Even for people who’re dealing with that kind of environment, there are plenty of things that can be done to improve well-being. A dirty environment inside of a home can be cleaned up, freshly painted, or re-furnished in such a way that it brings more happiness and peace to the people who live there. Outside, the yard can be cleaned up and a fence put up in order to provide a welcoming, more secluded world for the occupant of the house.

If you want to move out of your comfort zone a little bit, you can also start doing more for your local environment. By cleaning up trash around your property and along your street, you’re sending a signal to your neighbors that you care about the planet. If they, in turn, pitch in and start helping you, you’ll often get a strong sense of well-being and accomplishment from that. Changing your environment takes time, but it can be well worth it in the long run.

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Keeping the Environment Clean

Aloe hand sanitizer
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How many times have you seen more than just nature in the parks and along the streets where you live? People throw their trash out, walk their dogs and don’t clean up after them, and generally live their lives unconcerned about what they’re doing to the planet. You don’t have to be one of those people. While you might not be able to clean up the world, you can do your part to clean up the small part of it that you inhabit. It’s easier than you think, too, and if people see you doing it, it can inspire them to do the same.

When you take a walk, around your property or down the street, take a small trash bag and pick up what you see. If you don’t want to touch other people’s trash bare-handed, or you’re going to be cleaning up after an animal, take a glove, a plastic bag, or some other type of scooper that will prevent your hands from coming into contact with whatever you’re picking up. A small bottle of hand sanitizer tucked into your pocket will take care of any unintended contact and can help you feel cleaner after your excursion.

Once you’ve collected all the trash along your path, make sure to dispose of it properly. If some of it can be recycled – like cans, bottles, or paper, you may also want to do that as an extra bonus for the environment. It may seem like an impossible task, and there may be more trash the next day, but you’ll still be making a difference. Even though it won’t change the world, if enough people start doing what you’re doing it will definitely affect change that could actually spread world-wide. Even small things matter, so don’t be afraid to get out there and help the planet.

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Chemicals and Medications in Drinking Water

Image by elycefeliz via Flickr

You may not think you’re taking any medications, but if you’re drinking water from a city water supply, you actually are ingesting trace amounts of some very common prescription drugs. Things like anti-anxiety medications and blood pressure medications are getting into water supplies because a lot of people flush unused medications down the toilet. You can also often find antibiotics in the drinking water for this same reason. Some people believe that this low level of antibiotic that so many people are taking has contributed to the rise of the ‘superbugs’ that make people very sick and are antibiotic-resistant.

Whether or not you believe that to be the case, it’s still important to be aware of the fact that you’re being exposed to medications in the drinking water that you’re getting from the tap or through the door in your refrigerator. Some people are so concerned about the possibility of this that they choose not to drink that water anymore. They buy bottled water and drink that, instead. However, there’s no guarantee that there isn’t anything in the bottled water, either. It’s a real conundrum for people who want to stay healthy and who aren’t sure what to do about the drinking water issue.

The most important thing is not to panic and blow the issue out of proportion. In other words, there are all kinds of chemicals and things in the food people eat and the water they drink. For the most part, these chemicals and other substances are in such trace amounts that they don’t cause a problem. Most people never notice them, and there aren’t any studies showing that there are significant health effects from them. If you’re concerned, though, you can buy a water filter that you use for your tap, and it can remove some of the impurities you might otherwise ingest.

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