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Hybrid vehicle

Why Are Hybrid Cars So Important In 2011?

Over the years, the importance of Hybrid Cars has only increased to the point that life without them has become unimaginable. They have become an integral, inseparable and vital part of the lives of people of today all across the world. The effect of the Hybrid Cars on the lives of the people is enormous. It can be easily stated that no other invention and discovery has had the same kind of effect and has brought so many changes in the functioning of the society as had the Hybrid Cars.

People have gotten the freedom and liberty to move about with the help of these Hybrid Cars. The importance of Hybrid Cars today can be gauged from the dire effects they have had on the lives of the people. The Hybrid Cars have become so important that they, at times, dictate where people live, work and spend their leisure time.

Prior to the invention of Hybrid Cars and the IS 200d, people mostly travelled on the bicycles, made use of horses or the carriages or simply walked. But, with the invention of the car and the expansion in its ownership, roads are being improved and people are being mobile. The Hybrid Cars were initially used by only the rich and influential. However, it has evolved since then to incorporate the masses as well. It has become possible for many people to afford a car in the year 2011, because so many car companies and vehicle manufacturers have sprung up to cater to all the demographics.

The importance of the car industry in the year 2011 also lies in the fact that it is providing the employment to millions of workers across the world, who are working for the car manufacturing companies. The other complimentary car businesses, for example filling stations and dealership of spare parts, are also working to stabilise the economy of the countries. The fact that many nations are making motor vehicles their caompetitive edge to stimulate growth of the economy also reflects the importance of Hybrid Cars in the year 2011.

In the year 2011, the need of hybrid Hybrid Cars has increased two fold to the point that the vehicle manufacturers are making Hybrid Cars that are green to attract the consumers and help them contribute towards the well being of the environment.

The Hybrid Cars have become so important today that they are regarded as a yardstick to measure the success and prestige of people. If somebody drives an expensive car, they are automatically regarded as successful people, worthy of respect by a large demographic.

People have become so accustomed to using a car that it is very hard to entertain the thought of life without them. On top of owning a car, it has become equally important to keep your Hybrid Cars safe and well maintained in the year 2011. The servicing is also being done by many car manufacturers to provide the customers with the car maintenance that they require for keeping them functioning well.

The 3 Elite Plug-In Hybrids You Dream Of

There are several plug-in hybrids either already available or slated for introduction in 2011 and 2012.

Of these, three—the Toyota Prius PHV, the Nissan Leaf, and the Chevy Volt—may be considered the elite options for car and mother nature lovers around the world. If you’re looking to purchase a new car, check these out.


The Toyota Prius PHV will be available in 2012. This car is one more addition to the Nissan Prius line, and, in fact, it is largely based on the 3rd generation Prius that is currently available.
The main differences between the 3rd generation Prius and the Prius PHV are in the type of batteries that are used to provide the electric power, the ability to recharge from standard household current, and the ability to switch from electric to fuel-driven.

The batteries used in the Prius PHV are lithium-ion batteries. The batteries weigh very little, which ensures

they will not hinder fuel mileage performance, and allow a driving range of approximately 13 miles. When the batteries need recharging, the owner does not have to find a specific outlet in which to connect the plug.
The ordinary 110V current that is found in most households is sufficient to charge the battery in only three hours.When the fuel feature is activated, drivers can expect to receive somewhere in the range of 50 miles per gallons. This makes the Prius both energy and fuel-efficient.

The Nissan Leaf is the next candidate in the elite category of plug-in cars. This car has the capacity to hold five people, and has five doors to make it easy for all these people to enter and exit the car. In addition, the Leaf has a zero-emissions exhaust. The main reason for this is because the Leaf is totally electric; unlike hybrid vehicles, it cannot be switched over to fuel usage. This may not be a problem, though, since the Leaf can travel up to 100 miles between charges.

Occupying the number 3 spot is the Chevy Volt. This car will be available in 2012, but was introduced at the last Detroit Auto Show. According to the descriptions, the Chevy Volt will travel approximately 40 miles between charges on its lithium-ion batteries. When they are depleted, drivers can switch over to the fuel feature, which will use either gasoline of E85, which is an ethanol-gas blend.

A price has not yet been set for this model of plug-in car, but it is expected to be within the same range as other plug-ins. Prices have already been set for the Prius PHV and the Leaf, so drivers can begin making comparisons on these two models.

Any of these three cars would be a good choice for drivers who are concerned about protecting the environment but don’t want to sacrifice comfort or safety. Drivers who want to wait until the Chevy Volt price has been set before purchasing can do so, but they can also be researching the other two cars while they wait.
No matter when a consumer decides to purchase a new car, the fact that there are three to choose from will give them a wider of features and accessories to consider.

Make Your Next Car Purchase Eco Friendly

When making the choice to think of the planet when making your purchases, no purchase will be as crucial as your next vehicle. There has been a huge push recently to make all vehicles more Eco friendly, but there are definitely some that are better than others.

When looking to purchase an Eco friendly car, you are going to need to look at more modern cars. Older cars are generally not Eco friendly, and so buying an old, used car may not be the best way to go. Instead, do some research on what vehicles are considered earth friendly. There are a few ways to classify these cars. Some have a lower emission rate than others. This helps contribute less to air pollution. Other vehicles that are considered Eco friendly use fuel that is less petroleum based. Many cars that are classified as environmentally friendly are considered this because they get extremely good fuel efficiency; the miles per gallon that they can achieve is much much higher than older vehicles, or ones considered less “green”. There has been a large push in the United States government for more vehicles to have better fuel efficiency, and be better in general for the earth. There are even tax cuts for many of these types of vehicles.

Of the hybrid cars available, the one that is considered the most environmentally friendly as of 2010 is the Toyota Prius. Today there is a variety of hybrid and Eco friendly vehicles available, and the number is just growing. Almost every major brand of car has at least one hybrid vehicle available at this stage. As the “green” movement grows, more people are aware of the problems facing our environment, and wanting to do something to change it. The more people interested in Eco friendly cars, the more options there will be in the future.

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