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It’s Hard To Prove the Truth About Global Warming

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As the Northern Hemisphere goes through massive floods and tornadoes, there is a flurry of speculation about these events and the relationship between global warming and El Niño. Although most scientist will admit there is a connection, all will say it is difficult to prove.

El Niño is a periodic weather event where the ocean waters are warmer than normal, thus causing heavy rains in the north and stronger hurricanes in the South Pacific. In the last 120 years, scientists have been able to track it as a recurring phenomenon. However, there have been more El Niños than predicted in recent years. Although it’s not definite proof of a relationship between nature and global warming, it’s hard to ignore that weather patterns seem to be mirroring human activities.

Since no one can empirically prove that global warming effects El Niño, we have to take a leap of faith and simply commit to going green. It won’t hurt us, and maybe it will help us. If the idea of buying expensive natural products turns you off, try the old fashioned practice of re-using grocery bags, plastic containers and bottles. Our grandparents did this to be frugal, and this is certainly a generation that could benefit from that! On the other hand, a reduction in production of the plastics, used in the many containers we buy, could only have a positive effect on the carbon cycle throughout the planet. If everyone on earth made one simple change to their lifestyle, that was green, then over time, we could probably scientifically prove that humans can have a positive effect on the environment, too.

Eco office tips – save the planet while you’re at work

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The growing threat of global warming has many people incorporating eco-friendly concepts into their homes, including recycling bins and chemical-free cleaners.

Yet, a large portion of the day is spent outside the home in an office. Can people still maintain a green lifestyle while at work? They can as long as they commit to making small changes to their desks and big changes to their office buildings.

Here are some tips to help you save the planet during your 9 to 5 life.

  • Use Less Energy – When leaving the office for the day, turn off all electronic devices, especially computers. Reports have shown that half of workers in the U.S. neglect to shut down their computers at night. Not only does this waste energy and increase carbon emissions, but it costs businesses $2.8 billion a year. During the day, use the energy-saving settings, such as sleep modes and dimmer screens, on your devices.
  • Go Digital - Unless absolutely necessary, avoid printing documents by keeping them in a digital format. Send all correspondence via email and share documents with co-workers through an internal network. Replace your file cabinets with digital folders on your desktop. Try to digitize as many operations as possible. For example, if you process numerous contracts, have clients start signing documents electronically to reduce paper use and gas consumption.
  • Reuse Paper – If you must print, consider using the other side of paper that’s already been used. Conversely, save anything that you print for later uses, such as notepaper or package filler.
  • Buy a Plant – If you really want to make your desk green, buy a plant or two. Plants naturally absorb pollutants in the air, including the radiation emitted from computers. While taking in all the bad stuff floating in the air, plants will release some much needed oxygen into the office.
  • Pack a Lunch – By bringing a lunch from home, you are less likely to use disposable utensils and containers. Delivery and carry out lunches often come with Styrofoam containers and plastic utensils that aren’t easily biodegradable. With a lunch from home, you can bring your own silverware and reusable Tupperware containers.
  • Travel Green – Your daily commute can have a big impact on the environment. Traveling alone in a car is a major carbon contributor. By carpooling with co-workers, you can take multiple cars off the road. If available, use public transportation, some of which run on electricity, for your work commute. Even better, consider riding a bike if you live and work in a city.
  • Make Building Requests – The amount of resources that office buildings consumer can make them major pollution contributors. Offer recommendations to the building supervisor or owner to make it more green. Installing green products like LED light bulbs and waterless urinals will not only help save the environment, but help save the building money.

The same eco-friendly steps you that take to make your home green are just as applicable to the office. How green is your workspace?

Green Your Business — IT Style

Green is more than a color these days. Thanks to the eco-friendly initiatives of the last decade, green is a way of life — a way to approach thinking and behaving that reduces our negative impact on the environment.


As such, the adjective “green” has been attached to a number of other industries to describe the push in those fields for greater earth-friendly approaches. That’s the case with Green IT— the term used to describe how companies can be more energy efficient.

Why Green IT Is Important

Nearly a full third of a typical company’s power consumption comes from their IT tasks. IT devices in this case encompass everything from internet routers to on-site servers to computer stations to printers and more. By increasing how energy efficient these devices are, and controlling the power-consuming tasks, allows companies to reduce both their costs and their carbon footprint.

The Green IT initiative has been so strong that analysts predict the niche consulting aimed at business IT will blossom into a five billion dollar industry by the end of 2013. Whether or not you invest in a consultant, there are several things you can do now to make your company’s IT greener.

Ways to Greenify Your IT

There are dozens of ways you can reduce your power consumption, but some are more effective — and more practical — than others. Here are some of the best approaches you can use.

Choose Green Web Hosting

Unless you are living under a rock, if you have a business, you have a web site. And if you have a website, you need web hosting. Rather than going with a conventional web host, why not choose one of the many, well-equipped green web hosting companies instead?

Web hosts go green in the various ways. They can power their web servers with renewable energy like wind or solar, or purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) from a renewable energy provider. Some green web hosts purchase carbon credits to offset carbon emissions, however this does not prevent carbon from being emitted in the first place.

Buy Energy Efficient Hardware

If you’re still using outdated hardware for any business task, you’re probably wasting both money and energy. Old CRT monitors are nefarious power hogs when compared to LCD, older servers are both sluggish and electrically inefficient, and older computer PSUs give you less juice for a higher power cost. Replace your older hardware with current, energy-efficient alternatives.

Additionally, while not strictly IT, you can expand this renovation to anything in your building that uses power — your lights, heating/cooling units, or even the fridge in your break room.

Send Employees Home — Permanently

A great portion of companies are offering work-from-home positions. Not only does this save the company hardware costs, but you don’t have to pay for power bills, on-premise workers’ compensation fees, and a slew of other items. Additionally, employees — especially those with young children — are often eager to take on the opportunity.

While once impractical, new video conferencing, desktop sharing, and even specialized telecommuting software have made this option ideal for any company that is involved in primarily computer-based tasks. Employees who do web based work – online marketers, tech support, web developers, don’t need to be in a physical location in order to do their jobs, so why not give them the option of location independence?

Location independence has great benefits for employees as well. They can save money and time commuting to and from work, which decreases their carbon footprint. And think about all the extra savings from not having to eat out or to invest in professional business attire. The virtual office is a win win for all.

Turn Going Green into a PR Opportunity

With cost and quality being equal, consumers, hands down, prefer to buy from socially responsible or eco friendly businesses. Consider communicating your sustainability efforts to your community. A great way to build an ongoing relationship with your customers is through blogging.

The good news about blogging is has very little startup cost, but yields enormous marketing and PR benefits. All you need is an inexpensive green web host, WordPress, and a professional green WordPress theme, like the free Green Stimulus theme, which you can download for free, and your going green business blog will be up and running in no time.

Author Bio:
Lorna Li manages the small business WordPress themes & solutions division for a CRM company in the Bay Area. She also writes about green business and green marketing. Follow Lorna on Twitter @lornali.

Why Are Hybrid Cars So Important In 2011?

Over the years, the importance of Hybrid Cars has only increased to the point that life without them has become unimaginable. They have become an integral, inseparable and vital part of the lives of people of today all across the world. The effect of the Hybrid Cars on the lives of the people is enormous. It can be easily stated that no other invention and discovery has had the same kind of effect and has brought so many changes in the functioning of the society as had the Hybrid Cars.

People have gotten the freedom and liberty to move about with the help of these Hybrid Cars. The importance of Hybrid Cars today can be gauged from the dire effects they have had on the lives of the people. The Hybrid Cars have become so important that they, at times, dictate where people live, work and spend their leisure time.

Prior to the invention of Hybrid Cars and the IS 200d, people mostly travelled on the bicycles, made use of horses or the carriages or simply walked. But, with the invention of the car and the expansion in its ownership, roads are being improved and people are being mobile. The Hybrid Cars were initially used by only the rich and influential. However, it has evolved since then to incorporate the masses as well. It has become possible for many people to afford a car in the year 2011, because so many car companies and vehicle manufacturers have sprung up to cater to all the demographics.

The importance of the car industry in the year 2011 also lies in the fact that it is providing the employment to millions of workers across the world, who are working for the car manufacturing companies. The other complimentary car businesses, for example filling stations and dealership of spare parts, are also working to stabilise the economy of the countries. The fact that many nations are making motor vehicles their caompetitive edge to stimulate growth of the economy also reflects the importance of Hybrid Cars in the year 2011.

In the year 2011, the need of hybrid Hybrid Cars has increased two fold to the point that the vehicle manufacturers are making Hybrid Cars that are green to attract the consumers and help them contribute towards the well being of the environment.

The Hybrid Cars have become so important today that they are regarded as a yardstick to measure the success and prestige of people. If somebody drives an expensive car, they are automatically regarded as successful people, worthy of respect by a large demographic.

People have become so accustomed to using a car that it is very hard to entertain the thought of life without them. On top of owning a car, it has become equally important to keep your Hybrid Cars safe and well maintained in the year 2011. The servicing is also being done by many car manufacturers to provide the customers with the car maintenance that they require for keeping them functioning well.

Giving Back To Your Home

Getting your home to be more green and energy efficient isn’t nearly as bad as it seems. There is plenty of things that you can do to start getting the results you want. After all, getting your stuff together is not as easy as it sounds, but it’s important to get it together for the sake of the environment. So if you are serious about getting your life to be green then you can start by doing these things in the home.

The first is easy. It’s not cheap, but it’s easy. You can simply get things in the house that are energy efficient. You can look for those things on the new appliances that you buy. You can do that and it will save you money on your electric plus it will help keep from wasting the natural resources we have .

The next thing is using bags that are good for the environment. There are plenty of older people who came from the era where they did everything they could to save everything that they could. So getting reusable bags and making it a goal to use them as often as possible and keep them for as long as possible is the best thing.

So here are some things that you need to do just to make your home better for the environment. It can prove to be so helpful to you going forward. You will feel a really good sense of yourself by taking the opportunity to give back to the world around you and try to prolong it’s life.