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If You Know Which Clouds Yield Rain, Study Meteorology!

Sometimes the greenest thing you can do is learn about the inner-workings of our planet. It’s one thing to keep up with the weather, but it’s a whole other story to keep up with the way weather works. Maybe you’re the person who knows more than your friends. While they are talking about the storm, you are talking about why the storm is happening. When they are talking about a cold front, you are the person that questions if your city is going to be affected by it.

While this sort of speculation and inquisitive nature might be slightly annoying to your friends, it could also be a calling that you have a bright future in the world of meteorology. It’s a worthwhile career that can be exciting bring you plenty of benefits along the way. Here’s an overview of your career in the wonderful world of meteorology.

More Than the Evening News

We often think of the job of a meteorologist as the person telling you the weekly weather on the evening news. However, the world of meteorology is far more involved than a blue screen. While the job of a weatherperson is exciting, they are often part of a weather team whose job it is to study trends in the weather and make predictive analysis to figure out what people should expect in the coming days and weeks.

Be on the Cutting Edge

So much relies on the accuracy of the weather reported that the world of meteorology is on the cutting edge of technology. They get to bring in the most advance Doppler equipment and use the most advanced satellite technology to see weather before it ever happens. Getting the weather right is a billion dollar industry and working in the field means you are part of the team.

Education Catered to Your Field

There was a time when studying to be a meteorologist wasn’t an easy thing to do, but these days it’s easier than ever. Being a meteorologist is a growing field and there are a number of schools that have top notch programs available. Looking into environmental sciences is a good place to start.

There is the world renowned Pennsylvania State University, or the University of Oklahoma, and if you want a little more sunshine you can go Florida State University. It should be noted for all you football fans, that these schools also boast the best college football programs in the country.

Growing Field

These days the name of the game is “job security.” But as so much of our technology and our world relies on cooperation of the weather, there is a growing need for those interested in the atmospheric sciences. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that in the next few years the field of atmospheric sciences will grow “faster than average.” This is good news for those worried about an over-saturation of the market. With an expected growth of 15% until 2018 there is more than enough reason to get into the field now.


If you are tired of knowing everything about the weather, but not getting paid for it, then get yourself into the classroom. Atmospheric sciences are among the best jobs going forward and one of the more interesting fields. Finally use the weather to your advantage.

What Global Warming Is

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Many people talk about global warming and why it’s important that we don’t use gasoline, but the problem is that when people talk about it they don’t seem to know what they are really saying. They begin spouting lines about how it’s bad and that the world shouldnt do it, but then they don’t really have a reason to say that. So the question is: why is it bad to use our natural resources to create energy and fuel for the earth? Here is a little breakdown onto how it goes.

When we look at taking care of the environment we have to look at the natural fuels we use. Coal, for example, is a great source of heat and energy. However, the ability for coal to become a resource again takes thousands of years. Meaning that using a ton of goal in a year will take more time then the earth will be around to use it again. This might not seem like a big deal, but natural resources are just like money. Once you run out of money there isn’t more you can make magically appear. So you have to be smart in the first place or look for other ways to get the kind of things that you need.

So once these resources are gone it’s all gone. The other issue is that many of these natural resources, like trees, are responsible for picking up our CO2 that we release into the atmosphere. It picks up a lot of it. If trees are not around to pick it up it just creates a problem of having too much carbon dioxide and that means that there is an increased risk of having a bigger hole in the ozone. That’s what is making the temperature rise. These are part of the reason why there is so much talk about keeping the air clean and using alternative fuels. It’s an issue that should concern us all.

Saving the Planet One Light Bulb At A Time

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If there is one thing we all share, it’s the limited supply of natural resources on this planet. It stands to reason that as the world’s population grows, the strain on these resources will become increasingly worse. That’s why it is essential to adopt even the simplest of measures to cut back on the use of natural resources and develop alternative forms of energy. We need to take proactive measures to save the environment. If we don’t, there may come a day when our fragile planet might give up on us.

One positive first step can be to reduce the amount of home energy. There are many steps you can take to save the environment, such as switching from incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent. Beyond the lights, take a moment to check on your kitchen appliances. Are they up to latest standards in energy efficiency? If not, maybe it’s time to replace them.

Using these eco-friendly bulbs and energy saving appliances can go a long way towards reducing the overall need to generate that energy at the power plant level. However, this is another way to help the planet that will take a bit more effort. That’s by coming up with fresh ideas in environmental science and ensuring that regulations are being enforced through environmental law.

To accomplish this, we’re going to need a bold group of dedicated environmentalists. First, they’ll need to earn the kinds of degrees necessary to work in those industries. The next generation of students might just find those valuable diplomas by obtaining online degrees. It only stands to reason that the kind of thinking used in a commitment to online learning is exactly the same kind of thinking needed for out of the box energy ideas. Start with the light bulb, but end with the idea!

What is “Going Green?”

You hear people talk all the time about how you have to be thinking about the health and well being of the earth. People think all the time about what they need to do to keep the earth in the best shape possible for future generations. Within that they often use the term “going green.” This seems like a fun idea and while many people embrace the spirit of the idea as a generality, they don’t often embrace the idea itself and really take the time out to get it right the first time. So here is a little overview on what it means to be green.

Green is not a color or a general way of life, it’s about taking your environment and putting it before yourself for as much as you can. It’s understanding that while you might want to build your wall around the things that you can do to save the environment, but not everyone around you is willing or able to do the same thing. You must understand that there are an enormous amount of people out there who do not share the passion that you share.

In order to save the environment you must think about it from what matters most. That doesn’t mean just not using things that kill the natural resources or that pollute the air, but rather that you must do things that promote change and promote better health and well being for the world. Sometimes that takes a little bit of research but once you get there you can certainly begin to make a difference.

So the first thing to do is to take a look at your daily life and see the kind of harm you do to the environment just by existing and going through your day to day operations. Once you figure out how your day normally is you can begin to think about the proper way to fix it. Then you will be really giving back.

Green Marketing

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Just because most people don’t trouble themselves about whether or not we’re destroying the planet, it doesn’t make the issue any less real or threatening. The truth is we are consistently doing things that are harming our natural habitat – the earth. If we continue down this path much longer, then our planet may not survive, which means we won’t survive. This is why it’s important to take advantage of any green opportunity you have. This means that when you have the option to purchase a product that is environmentally friendly then you should do it. This is true whether the product is for your home or the office.

If you are a business professional, then you probably see a lot of paperwork on a daily basis whether it’s in the form of letters, books or marketing materials. You should realize that while some of this paper is necessary, the majority of it isn’t, and for every piece of paper that isn’t absolutely necessary a tree has been cut down somewhere, thus furthering the damage to our environment. The truth is that there aren’t any 100% green booklet printing services for every literature need. However, there are a few ways that you can help protect the environment when you need business literature.

The first thing you can do is have your literature printed on recycled paper. If every business owner would do this our planet would be in amazing shape because using recycled paper means you’re saving a tree from being cut down. You can also request that your documents be printed with soy ink. Soy ink is made from soybeans, which is great for the environment as it helps eliminate solid waste associated with printing. In addition, soybeans help reduce air polluting emissions. Using recycled paper or that from certified forests that commit to using responsible logging practices and printing with soy ink may not save the world, but it will definitely help.